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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 9:07 am    Post subject: Program Reply with quote

Date June 20th / 06

By Saima Ijaz

Domain Skill Materials
& Behaviour
A / I - A / I Comments and suggestions about the program
1. Visual processing
Working on his pace, asking for help
Veritech Start with one booklet at a time and offer Shadan a choice and increase time spend as he likes / understands it more.
2. Written comprehension Self reliance on finding answers. Basic dictionary. Tie this one in with the sentence writing. Underline the mistake and ask him to edit with the help of dictionary. Only upto 4 words at a time. Encourage and praise him for making the sentences and than underline the words. Try using a very basic dictionary and help him as much as needs than fade away your response to supervision.
3. Structure &
Daily tasks

Ask him to write down 4 things that he did before the session and 4 that he will do afterwards.
Help him in the proper use of past and future tense.
4. Written

Sentence building with homophones Word list Only underline a spelling mistake or if the word not used correctly in the sentence.
5. Written

Building with homonyms Word list Same as above.
6. Receptive

Verb Forms
Verb list Acting out the actions one by one?.turn taking.
7. Social

Daily frustrations.
Session time.. What?s negotiable??.tasks, too easy to too hard.
Breaks??visual processing play , game boy etc.
Edibles?.? Stretching?.?
8. Social

Drawing and cartoon strip.

Sample sheet
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:13 pm    Post subject: Shadan's feed back Reply with quote

ASA Saima,

I am sorry for being so wrapped up in so many things that I didnt get track of this discussion.

I want to add a few things about Shadan's plan.I got this Cd from Canada on Social Skills at school which shows school children in different situations at school and teaches lots of social skills.

I make him watch it and we discuss it and then i make him write what he learnt,sometimes.I think but he needs to watch it repeatedly so that it becomes part of his memory and he can use it also in similar situations.

Play dates???? I am trying but it does get difficult to make children understand how they should behave with him without revealing the underlying agenda behind the play date.

Anyways,I had invited two of his class mates at home last thursday.I took them to pizza hut where I think it went well.Then at home they tried to play with Shadan's collection of cars but shadan got more interested in buliding his train tracks and almost forgot his friends were there.Anyways,it did go well better than earlier ones.

Will inshallah keep posted regularly from now on.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Saira,

Did you read my post about pairing kids with other asds even if they are at different cognitive and communicative levels? Give it a try and see if that works out for Shadan. You be able to tell in a single visit and than go from there.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 10:26 pm    Post subject: Shadan's feed back Reply with quote

Dear Dr Saima,

I'll try to follow it one by one now and keep posting in a proper series too.i know its a great opportunity given to me and shadan and i just keep on missing it.

First of all i am not aware of veritech stuff kindly give description.

Secondly ,I do hompphones with him as he is doing them in school also.shadan has become better at making sentences now.initially i used to ask him questions regarding the word.For example lets say the word is happy and he is suppose to make a sentence.then he would not be able to make a sentence instantly and would get distracted and when i would prompt him to get back to work he would get upset and say I am lets say for word happy i would ask him what makes you happy?or when did you last got happy?what doesn;t make you happy? that by trying to answer these questions he would format a he has started asking himself questions like that to come up with a sentence.usually now he comes up with sentences himself.You had mentioned about list of homophones and homonyms if you can post that I'll try to do those too.

I will now try to start this structure and schedule thing with him.his memory has a sort of he would remember with dates how many times it rained in karachi,when we went to the doctor and so many other stuff but if you ask him what you did at school he would not be able to tell everything.he also says he doesn't remember.he even forgets what he ate last night and other simple stuff.

I do encourage use of dictionary a lot and keep on emphasizing on problem solving techniques as he usually gets upset at simple things.My daughter has picke dthat up really well and as soon as he starts getting tense about something not going right she sort of remind her problem solving and starts giving options.although she is never acknowledged by him and at that time he usually reacts by hitting her for probably interfering or may be acting more sensible than him.shazerah,my daughter is very smart in understanding situations and she doesn't give up and keeps on poking nose in his matters.So he doesnt like her at all.she keeps on asking him all the time ,bhai do you love me and he would say no.and if i try to explain him he says what should i do i dont love her...............................

for Verb forms,i have flash cards and we used to discuss every action in detail like if its gardening,then who is gardening,where ,how,then to more abstract things like why its important,does he like it etc.i dont do that anymore.He is doing verbs at school so we do discuss its different forms and usages.

being independent,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i am trying my best to encourage that and now i dont check his work after every bit he does and even if he asks me i tell him i am going to check once its all finished.he was very dependant on my constant supervision but now he is able to do his work independently if its easy and interseting.

Emotion exploration,,,,,,again we have made some social stories.tell me do these stories have to be gone through again and again for we made lists of do and donts when he gets angry using writing with symbols.But he hardly follows it.and there was a story to ignore his sister when she is annoying him.but that didnt help.may be because we didnt go through it everyday or so.

Will keep posting inshallah.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:02 pm    Post subject: Shadan's feed back Reply with quote


Today I made him write the schedule thing.As he is home and not going to school because he is sick,he wrote:
three things that he did before the session
1 slept
2 ate breakfast
3 watched a movie

three things he will do after the session

1 study a little
2 chnge clothes
3 pick nani

I had told him we will study after this and he was stll in his nighty pyjamas so he had to change clothes .he probably wanted to pick his nani thatswhy he said that.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Saira,

I know what you have been trying to manage don't worry about the delay.

1. Veritech...Is a think it thru system for language and math skills, it's self correcting method and helps built skills by mainly visual processing and therefore works better for many kids on the spectrum. I mainly suggested for some relaxation and then help in compution skills where Shadan seems to be struggling a bit.

If you guys are coming back than great, otherwise I can get this for you...let me know.

2. Written Expression Sound Alike word list, nouns and sentences
hair /hare. waste/waist. mail/male. hangar/hanger. ring/ wring. pair/pear.
tow/toe. hose/hoes. meet/meat. rose/rows. tea/tee. yoke/yolk. fur/fir.
tide/tied. wade/weighed. rain/rein. beet/bet. bear/bare. steak/ stake.
road/rode. Knight/night. tail/tale.

Ask him to use dictionary to clear the meaning and then write a sentence. Only 1-2 pairs at a time.

3. Written Expression, Homonymes, same word 2 or more meanings. Making sentences and using dictionary for help.

bed, pen, nails, file, scale, note, watch, checks, bulb, box, trunk,wave, bank, pitcher, glasses, ear, stamp,bill, palm, ring.

4. self help tools

Is linked with his using dictionary to find answers or make corrections so he relies a little less on your supervision. Similarly use of calculator and spell check are other ways to promote his self learning with visual tools.

5. Verb forms How good is he with different verb forms. I will send you a program ( cdrom for further work in this area.

6. Structure and schedule Thanks for the example. Let this be a consistent thing for him for a week or so and then I will review it with you.
If he can tell time than we can tie that in for him and later you can tell him how much time he spent on tv and how much on work etc.

7. emotional expression

I will send you a sheet for that.

8. Turn taking with a board game like I spy ...first with a parent and than his sister. I will explain this more later.

I will add a couple of more programs around compution skills, but let this much be regular.

Thanks and good luck,

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:43 pm    Post subject: Shadan's feed back Reply with quote

Thanks Dr Saima for your feedback.

We are not hundred percent sure about our moving as you know its a very difficult decision.We might come this july or may be early next year.

He is in class three now and as part of his english syllabus he is doing all these homonyms,homophones,homographs etc and I regularly make him practice these.he is very good at understanding of these.Sentence building is a bit of an issue which I discussed earlier.He is very good with his spoken and written english and has no problems with verb forms.

He has been sick since last about ten days so his routine has been almost the same as he was mostly in bed so that scheduling exercise was becoming monotonous.Inshallah this week he will start school and other activities again so i'll do the exercise and let you know how it worked.

I do encourage use of dictionary but he gets a little frustrated when he has to find the word observing minute details of the spelling.So I help him and tell him its not that difficult to find the word.

He hasn't been well these past two weeks.he had to have an antibiotic for his cough and chest infection.That made him extremely nauseated for about fifteen days and he stopped eating anything at all and would vomit if forced.At the same time if I'll persuade him to eat he wpuld get very angry at me as he used to think that I am failing to understand him that he is not doing it purposefully but is not able to eat.But I also had to keep on pushing him to eat as he had completely stopped eating and had become very weak with severe leg aches.this does happen to him after he gets infections.he becomes very difficult to manage.

He is better now Allah ka shukar hai so inshallah I'll start working with him on the program.

I have got a new carum board and lets hope his turn taking gats better with that.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 9:50 pm    Post subject: Shadan's feed back Reply with quote


I made shadan do the scheduling thing agin today and he said

Gone to school
Studied there
took a nap

and things to follow ( it was almost his bed time)

Brush teeth
say kalmas and dua
go to sleep

I gave him hompgraphs and homonyms from the list given by you also.

I gave him file as i thought it has quite a number of meanings.i helped him look for the meaning in the dictionary and then we discussed the meanings.

His first sentence was:I am putting my papers in a file.
I gave him option that papers can be english,work or exam so he chose exam papers.

Then second was:
The carpenter is filing the surface of the wooden table to smoothen it.

(I added the wooden and we had discussed the file carpenters use )

the other word was palm.

1)There are a few palm trees around the corner.

Then I asked him which corner???So we discussed and changed it to "On my street"

2) The palm is a part of your hand.

he took pretty long with this one .

then for homonyms ring/wring

as he didnt know the meaning of wring so I thought its good to use that.

1)A ring is a type (he said part first) of jewellery .(after that I said "That" and he added) that you wear on your fingers.

2) Shazerah is wringing the clothes (I said "after) after washing them.

the other pair was yoke/yolk

1) We eat the egg yolk ( i said "for ") for protein.

2) The fruit ( he said man and I told him vendor)vendor was holding a yoke to carry strawberries.

I'll continue this exercise and keep posting inshallah.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Saira,

I think that 'math basics' and 'word power' booklets, from the 'think it thru' series can help Shadan. Check these out and let me know, i can send these with Riffat when she visits Pakistan.

His word knowledge and sentence building is pretty amazing. Shadan might appreciate the humor when you try using both words in a same silly, I was combing my hair when a hare hopped on my lap.
...and then ask him to explain the 2 hair/hare in terms of meaning and spellings. Next he can make a silly sentence and you have to guess the meaning and spellings. Keep going if he likes the exercise this way better.

Take care,

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 10:45 pm    Post subject: Shadan Reply with quote


I am trying the scheduling and sentence building with Shadan and he is doing it pretty well.

I also made Shadan and his sister play I spy with the sheet you had send and it did go well till shadan spied garbage pail and shazerah couldn't guess it as she knows it as dustbin so she lost interest in the game.

I do play I spy with them and Shadan is good at turn taking and plays well.Not now but we used to play bingo a lot also.

Want to share a little joke that happened today.My daughter was telling me something about her as Shadn curious like always asked what is it and she instantky replied "Shadan ,how many times mama has told you not to poke your nose in other people's matters" to this he instantly replied back ,"I will I am your big brother" .....................

Some of my concerns are his proprioceptive sensory needs.

He has difficulty in judging body positioning,bumps in people and things,is clumsy,frequently drops food and other things in his hands.Has difficulty in keeping his hands and feet to self.when sitting or standing in a queue.

Will pull people and touch them even strangers for attention if he wants to speak to them.As he is growing up his touching of people is becoming a problem and i have tried a lot to explain him but its not helping.Will come hundred times a day to kiss me to show he loves me and will do the same to my little daughter and wakes him up everytime and if I try to explain him not to do it then he gets upset and will start saying nonsense stuff like where should I get a baby to love who doesnt sleep. he cant take criticism at all .If I stop him from over writing and tell him to use an eraser instead he will say what people used to do when erasers were not invented and will go on and on about it.Anything I tell him that he doesnt want to do he will start a this or he will get angry and start making sounds.he has also banged doors a couple of times to show his anger but then I got very upset at him so he didnt make it a habit.

My one more concern nowadays is that I am trying to explain him that he should close the door when he has to change his clothes or use the toilet and that its not appropriate for him now to come out of the toilet or bath without clothes. But he is not understanding it.He doesnt have that awareness of his body and that its not decent to be without clothes.

I have finally got a trampoline and gym ball also but hasnt used it effectively as yet and am not even sure how and when.I think he needs some proprioceptive sensory input.How should I do that?

He is also not having OT sessions since long as previously we were out of country and now his OT is gone.

I'll look forward for suggestions.


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Saira,

I see the issues as such...

Inempt motor coordination

which is partly becuase we mainly get visual input and our movements get see an uneven surface and avoid or adjust so we don't stumble. As visual perception is altered...less in case of Shadan ..but still...he needs way more practice to get the same coordination. A game of hoping on stepping stones..walking on balance beams..toe to heel walk. I have explained that my son issues were so huge that he wouldn't even walk so I had to get his muscles used to the movement by making him stand on my feet to walk, jump etc..(mind you he was only a year old ) ...and lots of pressure and proprioceptive input. Shadan needs some of that his receptors in muscles and joints become more connected and visual tracking exercising esp. for depth preception....along with practice running, jumping, climbing, jumping on trampoline, use of gym ball. Let me know if you need help in finding depth preception exercises.

Social issue of personal space , social behaviours

Another difficult issue. Kids place all people in the same category...all friendly or all overly social and can be manipulated by biggest fear!! or too anxious and anti social. They need to be taught by books the 4 type of people in their life and how to behave with each. They cannot learn this by watching and listening etc.
Type friends, are the immediate love them...can hug, kiss, talk, touch etc

Type 2...friends...extended family, family friends, neighbours like them. say hi, wave, talk, be nice if they visit ....shake hand.

Type 3... community helpers...teachers, doctors, ...we like and listen and answer try to do what told, ask not hug, kiss or touch.

Type 4 and dad don't know not talk or touch.

Written cues of personal space.

....arm's lenght...practice at home and then reming in public places. As you know it's not easy to teach...the key is written instruction, revision and practise atleast once a day.

Emotional issues

Written recognition of emotions, ours and others...usual reasons for some...make it about the baby. Baby cries..when hungry...when sleepy because she is angry. Mom wants to cry when she is sleepy and can't sleep. being a grown up she doesn't cry...but wants too. Shadan gets angry when.... and feels like crying...We all feel the same feeling time to time. Act out emotions and that would help...not saying it.. Like I told you guys about my sons regression in 2005. It was as if starting all over again, tantrums, yelling...most of the time I was screaming inside but keeping the composure thru out day. One day I was feeling really lost and actually cried in front of surprised him and he came and snuggled up to me...I try to change my fascial expressions more frequently now to show my pleasure and displeasure, ( frown and a tut) a little more pouty lip...try that next time he wakes you up ...instead of saying anything.

Let the kids figure out the gym ball for themselves...hopping, rolling on tummy / back. Try it out's good for posture and back aches and most of the time if you pretend having fun with something new...the kids will come and want to try too.


Try placing his favourite posture / picture (starwars etc) at the back of the door as a visual reward for closing the door. I book about what dad does when he has to change would one day you will an imp. person like your dad and so lets start practising .Encourage him to make a little book about his dad or another male role model at home.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:22 pm    Post subject: Shadan Reply with quote


Just to a give a brief account of what I was able to do with him uptil now.

I discussed with him and my daughter both that how shadan will grow up to be a man like his father and shazerah will grow up to be a woman like mama.So they should try and be like them.And we discussed what baba does when he needs to use toilet,when he needs something like a towel while he is in bath and other such stuff and we acted these as well.Inshallah I will try and make a booklet about it soon.

Secondly I made two columns in his book of manners that we maintain and we discussed different private and public behaviours.I wanted to make a base for the privacy issue and then for the four kinds of people we meet.Inshallah I'll do that next with him.

All three of us played on the gym ball which was fun.I made him do that superman type of act done for stability with open arms and open legs an dtummy balanced on the ball.And also the counting thing Shazia suggested.

I am continuing the sentence making exercise and the schedule one and he seems to be doing it pretty well.If you want I'll post some more examples of his sentences to give you a better idea of his level.

Thanks for everything,

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:22 pm    Post subject: Shadan Reply with quote

few things I am not sure of:

Shadan's OT used to use this swing exercise with him she had a swing and she would make him pick stuff toys with his legs or by stretching arms and throw them in a basket pretending he is rescuing them and she was using a net hammock also with him.but now i dont have those stuff so how I can modify it .

what is hoping on stepping stones? does it mean something like hop scotch and something like where you put different foot prints on the f;loor and the child has to hop on them one by it available in the market?

balance beams?again aren't available so what can be the alternative? what's toe to heel walk??

Tell me some specific visual tracking and depth perception exercises that would help him.and ofcourse I can't make him walk on my toes now he is mashallah big for that so what can be the alternative to that.i have tried deep p0ressure with him but he says that hurts.he looks fine but he is physically weak and gets easily tired genuinely.and his frequent illnesses with virals and colds ( almost every month in Karachi) leave him even weaker.He doesnt have arm strength and running capacity like other boys of his age but still he does tae-kwon do thrice a week and will inshallah start swimming soon as weather will change here.

I'll do this categorization thing with him inshallah soon and will let you know how did it go.I think knowing his style of learning it'll benefit him.

after the baby he wants to be one too.all the time he will come lie down on my lap and start making baby sounds and say make me sleep in your lap like you do for the baby.he will say oh she is so lucky that she is in your arms all the time and he who loves me so much is not which breaks his heart into one million pieces.............................he will lie down with the baby and start immitating her and is very happy with that.I tried to explain him that we all want to be like babies but we have to act our ages .for explanation i told him how he will feel if he needs help from mama and she starts acting like a baby and I started acting like a baby.He was so amused that he couldn't stop laughing and then went on insisting that I should do it again.So I guess my acting out probably had a reverse reaction on him....................................

the dad thing as again a very good idea and I will make his father do it with him.lets hope it helps .

thanks a lot for all these wonderful ideas.these issues might seem frivolous for some but all issues need to get sorted out.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 2:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Saira,

I have noticed that kids on the spectrum keep their bodies a little stiff and unless taught or given the oppurtunity to be having fun with some rought play and gymnastics...stay conscious and rigid while walking, running and appear clumsy.

Swimming helps it's gives the pressure stimulus and encourages most to be more adventurous than they are in a playground.

My home made stepping stones would be made of any material that the child will like the feel of on the sole of his feet bean bags, upside down plant pots,foot prints cut out of fleece/cardboard or flat stones or rocks in the backyard. Try making a path that would be easy to follow and join in by taking turns with him. If he is stumbling...try stumbling yourself too so he doesn't feel discouraged. Later you can do directions with spread out prints....say take 2 steps to your right or east.

Heel to toe is simple placing one foot in front of the other so the heel of one foot touches the toes of the other.

Balance beam walk is similar heel to toe on a raised beam...can be done on a 'bani' or border around the planted areas. I remember we used to do that as kids.

Acting to be a baby was good. You can allot him a 10 minute period where he gets to be 'the baby' and then 10 minutes where he can be 'the daddy'. Similarly you can be another person like baby or Shadan and have a few laughs while stepping out of your shoes. At other times when he is acting out..remind him what time Shadan can be the baby. Change your tones, voice and actions for the role play...and who knows that might become the most popular game...along with serving the teaching tool.

Involving fathers in the teaching role is always great. They do feel left out as mostly it is carried by the moms so that could have lots of benefits.

Our kids are so imp. and so is every aspect of their learning...bringing a sense of humor and play eases up the task for us.
About the visual depth perception...remember how you described the coloring sheets you designed for Shadan? with hot glue to give it a raised margin ...well a lot of these kids have to feel something to see it better and use hands. I have even seen kids trying to feel a new surface with hands and then step on soles probably don't have the receptors aroused to a level or that well connected...So lots of practice where they can feel with their feet uneven surfaces, different quarter filled water bottles and bean bags....can help them get past the rigid foot movement. Once you provide the oppurtunity to feel and explore different textures .. he will play and let you know what he likes and doesn't.

Table activities that can help...

dot-to dots, mazes, patterns, pegs, drawing, coloring, busy I spy gameboards.

You can find different sites, materials on the sites. I will add a couple one that I like..

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